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Surname Given Name Born Birth Place
Dean Clifford
Dean Declan Antrim 6 APR 1994 Leominster, MA
Dean Henry Jackson 20 SEP 1873 Lake Mahopac, NY
Dean Henry Jackson 6 MAR 1906 Astoria, NY
Dean Isabel Lounsbury 30 MAY 1881
Dean Jodie
Dean Joshua Lounsbury 7 DEC 1839 Mahopac Falls, NY
Dean Kieran Connell 6 DEC 1995 Leominster, MA
Dean Mark
Dean Mathew
Dean Nancy
Dean Nina
Dean Rachele Elizabeth 15 FEB 1968 NY
Dean Randall Wilson 7 MAR 1965 Buffalo, NY
Dean Richard Walter 3 APR 1931
Dean Robert Jackson 24 NOV 1926 New York, NY
Dean Russell Baillie 20 MAY 1969 NY