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  • Over 700 new cousins found through Eric Besch. Thanks, Eric!
  • Solved the mystery of the cross country motorcyclist, W. C. Chadeayne.
  • Heard from Susan Chadeayne who tells me that the mysterious Andrew and Christopher are nephews. Looking for clarification!
  • Made contact with Donald Chadeayne in Florida. Hoping to get some pictures and bios soon.
  • Made contact with Jen Chadeayne, Donalds daughter. Ditto on pictures and bios.
  • Lots of new Mysteries over the past few months. HELP!
  • New descendants of Aletha Coutant discovered on the Hyde Gemealogy on rootsweb.
  • New contact in France! Francois Chadenne contacted me and provided his material on the Chadenne family from Marennes. We must be related somehow!
  • New cousins provided by Jeanne Fowler . Thanx, Jeanne!
  • Loads more on the Mersereau line. Thanks to Dean Sawyer!
  • More on the Angevine lines, thanks to Barbara Dochterman.
  • New and Improved "Old Documents" section containing images of the original documents from Marrennes, France.
  • LOADS of new information from the records of the church in Marrens, France. Thanks to Lee Chadeayne! We now have an expanded set of ancestors starting with Henry Chadeayne
  • I spent this past Saturday at the Huguenot Historical Society library with Mary Gellhaus and Kerry Lantz. While there, I discovered letters inquiring about the Chadeayne family from Richard Stattler of Providence RI and Beryl Beatteay Biefer - apparently missing cousins! I spoke with Beryl on Sunday. She has lots of material to share with us. I hope to make it available soon. I also left a message with Richard. Hopfully, I'll be able to determine his place on the family tree, as well.
  • It just keeps getting better. Contaced Todd Partridge's mom who filled in even more infomation on that line.
  • An update for the past month (no I haven't been sleeping!).
  • Contacted Rick and Sherry Coutant who provided lots of additional information on their line.
  • Contacted Richard S. Tolley (several times), a descendant of Catherine Chadeayne and John Pine. Still trying to get info on his line
  • Contacted Todd Partridge, another descendant of Catherine Chadeayne and John Pine. Lots of new info on this line. Thanks Todd!
  • Contacted Linda Koch. Lots of new info here, too. Thanks, Linda!
  • Wedding images are now up. These consist of newspaper clippings and/or invitations, etc. Here's my favorite.
  • Spent the weekend scanning obituaries and wedding anouncements from Manuella Henning's scrapbook. This stuff is in rough shape - poorly clipped - very yellow - flaking apart. But I figured something's better than nothing and it's really time somebody preserved it. Obituaries are up (accessed via a new newspaper icon). Weddings to follow.
  • Contacted Dorothy Miller Gutenkauf who has lots of new information on her (Coutant) line. Her daughter, Polly, has material in a genealogy program on her PC. Hope to hear from them soon.
  • Got an inquiry (through John Thorn) from Linda Koch (lkoch@suffolk.lib.ny.us) who claims to be a gg-grandaughter of Julia Chadeayne. I'm attempting to contact her for details on this new branch.
  • Added more photos taken from an old scrap book of Manuella Henning Chadeayne. Many of these are of poor quality, but I suppose anything's better than nothing.
  • Finally made contact with Chadeayne Roush in Montana, a descendent of Lilas Chadeayne and John Sinsabaugh. We had a delightful conversation and she promised to fill in some details.
  • Added photos of the monument in New Rochelle, Serge Chadaine & family, etc.
  • Add a section on early History.
  • Contacted (again) several folks trying to get pictures. Got some great stuff from Mary Lee Gellhaus and from Sue Oldham. Help me out here, folks!
  • Added a Pictures section to the menu where you can view misc pictures which are not directly related to the cousins. The initial bunch are of Maplehurst, Just a Mere, and a great shot of the Chadeayne ladies. Check it out! You can click on the smaller picture on the pages to download a bigger one. WARNING! They are quite large and will take a while to download.
  • Added News (this page) to the site to let you know that I'm REALLY working on our genealogy.
  • Heard from Robert Chadeayne of Bristol, CT. He and his father have promised to help with bios and pictures.
  • Found Elias Chadeayne in a study by Loren & Barbara Toomsen of Iowa presented at www.kindredkonnections.com.
  • Found Elias Chadeayne as witness to a will of NYC proved 11/26/1757.
  • Contacted Brett Primett who provided lots of additions to his branch going back to his grandfather. Thanks, Brett.
  • Found Angelia Flower Chadeayne in a study by Anita & Robert Patty of Oklahoma presented at www.kindredkonnections.com. Robert was nice enough to forward his data by mail. This led to a call to the Elk City library, were Angelia was identified.