Maplehurst Farm

This is the old Conklin house on Inningwood Road in Ossining, NY. Jacob Chadeayne married Anna Conklin and move into her fathers family homestead after his death. Many generations of Chadeaynes lived here.

A look at the house in 1998

The basement level was the "winter kitchen" and the hub of most activity during the cold, winter months. Living areas are on the 1st floor and bedrooms on the 2nd floor. The small room at the far left was the summer kitchen and was connected to the house later. As the property was used as a dairy farm for many years, a brook was routed through a trough in the basement to cool milk before it was loaded onto the horse-drawn wagons for delivery in town.

Photo courtesy of Kerry Magner Lantz
An earlier shot without the stairs. It is beleived that the original house had it's main enterance at the basement. These stairs were added and removed several times over the years
And the barn
Photo courtesy of Kerry Magner Lantz
Business Card
Wilbur delivering the milk
Wilbur gets a day off!
Family reunions were, apparently, fairly formal. This poem was written by Mary Conklin for a reunion at Thanksgiving in 1886.
A Thanksgiving gathering

Last Row (left to right):
Lotta (Chadeayne) Young
Mrs. Franklin Chadeayne
Mrs. Stephen Chadeayne
Mrs. Jacob Chadeayne

Third Row:
Elizabeth Chadeayne
Stephen Chadeayne
Jacob Chadeayne

Second Row:
Franklin Chadeayne
Wilbur Chadeayne

Front Row:
David Chadeayne
Leander Chadeayne
John James Young

District #6 school - a 1 room schoolhouse run by the Chadeaynes where Jacob and Wilbur began their education