Links to Other Sites of Interest

Phil Augur's home page Phil maintains a site dedicated to the descendants of Robert Augur. His father, Walter, married Sandra Chadeayne
Magner Family Genealogy James Magner maintains a site on the Magner family. Ethel May Chadeayne married John Magner in 1909.
Descendants of William Thorne John Thorn maintains a site on the Thorn(e) family. Mary Ann Thorn married Leonard Chadeayne in 1847.
Descendants of Gen. Joshua Mersereau George Sawyer has a huge list of desendants of Joshua Mersereau who married Marie Chadeayne in 1693 Lucille Clara Chadeayne married Harrod Anderson Oldham in 1933. Note that Lu is a descendant of George - who's link to the family tree is unknown.