The Chadeayne Store in Cornwall

The Chadeaynes lived in the big white house between Angola and Continental Roads, and for many years they had a store in the center of today’s traffic circle at the end of Main Street in Cornwall, NY. It was a simple one-story building. The walls were of wood clapboards, the windows had wooden shutters. Since there were few stores in Canterbury in the l820s, Chadeayne’s carried a variety of products. It sold food, flour, crackers, butter, salt, cheese, eggs, sugar, coffee and tea, spices, molasses, ham and other meat. You could also buy hardware, such as nails, hinges, locks, and tools; also feed for your farm animals. Chadeayne’s store was also an early post office. Before the railroads, mail came to Cornwall by boat or stagecoach. There was no mail delivery. People had to stop at the store to pick up their mail. As Canterbury became larger, other stores opened on Main Street. By the time of the Civil War, the Chadeayne store was closed, and it never opened again. Perhaps Mr. Chadeayne was too busy; he was a farmer and he was also in the real estate and insurance business. For whatever reason, the store remained shut for about 100 years. In the 1970s the old Chadeayne store was demolished.