About this Site

I hope you find the Chadeayne family genealogy site easy to use. As you may have discovered, pages are presented within a frameset. That means that the top of your screen will always contain a navigation menu so you can get where you want to go. The functions provided are:

Once you get to the detail family screen, you will be presented with general genealogical data for a person selected and, possibly, for his/her spouse, marriage, and children, if any. The screen can have the following parts:

Links to parents and children take you to the detail family screen for the person selected. The husband and wife areas may contain the following icons:

The ancestry tree screen shows a persons ancestors for up to 4 generations, where available. The link on the 1st generation person, returns you to the family detail screen. All other links reposition the ancestry tree screen with the selected person as the 1st generation.

I use Brothers Keeper to keep track of the genealogical data, bios, and pictures I've collected. This program, as most others, exports a "gedcom" file which is the standard format for transferring genealogical data from one place to another. I've written a program in Visual Basic which reads this gedcom file and puts the data into a Microsoft Access database. The web server you are using, is Microsoft Personal Webserver 4.0 which is capable of interpreting "Active Server Pages" or "ASP". ASP pages contain a combination of normal HTML and Visual Basic source code which is interpreted by the server when the page is accessed. The Visual Basic code grabs data from the Access database, formats the page using the HTML, and sends the completed HTML to your machine for presentation. By using this technology, I no longer have to store an HTML page for each person, as was done in the prior version of the Chadeayne Family Site. Each page is created "on the fly" using data from the Access database. Storage requirements are greatly reduced in trade for a few machine cycles when a page is requested.